Thursday, March 20, 2014


I've always loved to imagine that I was in a fantasy world. Worlds with mermaids, dragons, and castles. I've grown to enjoy all sorts of amazing stories from comic books and science fiction. I guess that's why I'm so drawn to creating pieces with these kinds of images.
Mermaids! the colors in this are great, it also has anchors in the back ground. I'm a sucker for anything nautical.
Batman! One of my favorite super heroes! I wish Frank Miller made fabric :)
I used to watch Star Trek with my mom on Saturdays. It was my first introduction to Science fiction. I also wish I could find Alien fabric, that would be amazing!

Skulls are another thing that I can't get enough of, I feel like this obsession has something to do with an early love of horror films. I would like to have nosferatu fabric made, Mmmmm, yes!

So looks like I need to find some HR Giger fabric, some Frank Miller fabric, and it would be super rad to make a dragon dress!

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