Thursday, April 24, 2014

Javier S Ortega

This week my blog is about one of my favorite people. He is funny, kind, and has an amazing talent for bringing beauty and mystery to the world. Every time I get to see one of his shows I feel so lucky to know him.

I love this painting, I think it so gracefully says so much about how we treat gender  in our culture.


This is a show of his that I got to see last year, it's amazing! So elegant and gritty at the same time.

This compilation incorporates so many great elements, the sepia tones, and the allure of a crisp fall night. I can feel everything I love about Autumn when I look at them

This painting is so dark and sensuous, the whole series is like discovering your favorite suspense or horror film was made before you where born.

Check out more of Javiers paintings at his website

Or go on a Youtube adventure, this one makes me want to join the circus, and pretty much be one of Javiers characters :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bright and Fancy

I'm making lots of bright and colorful spring dresses this week, including a great fox dress

I made it in small, medium and large. I have enough fox fabric to make one more too.

I also brought new pieces to the Pretty Parlor this week. The My little Pony dress is there too, it's in 2 sizes, small and medium :)

This is my new dress style! I love it, this one is at the Parlor (tree not included) I also have all the fabric to make a nautical version of this style in sizes, stay tuned.

My mermaid dress finally found a home at the Parlor too, it's available to pair with some great accessories. Yeah!

I also re made another mermaid dress, It was a sun dress, but the bodice didn't work out so I added the sexy V bodice with equally sexy whales on it... if your into whales ;)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The 60's and the Shift Dress

I love my new shift dress pattern! It's super flattering, has pockets, and reminds me of one of my favorite fashion decades (only without some of the itchy polyester fabrics :)

Owl dress! available in 3 sizes at Sassafras in Belltown Seattle

Cupcake shift!
Oh the color! Feathers and berries, I have two and they are headed to Blush this week

I want all of these, I'm hoping to add cute collars to the shift dresses this winter.

Japanese Garden, is at Frock Shop in Seattle, I want to make one of these for me! I can also do special orders for this piece, the fabric is fabulous and I can get more of it.

Looking cute and sexy 60's style!

 I found all of the fun retro photos by following 60s_world on instagram.