Monday, October 15, 2012

Sweater season

Sweetheart green and vintage white stripe knit tunic
Sequin cream v neck sweater with stripe sleeve accents
Dark heart cream sheer tunic
Stripe sweetheart with beige lace top
Cream sweater dolman dress with pleated skirt
Sweet heart black raglan with white sweater sleeves and cowl neck
Plaid sweetheart raglan mini dress
Sparkle dolman sweater mini dress
Sheer cream and plaid dolman tunic

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Park called Freeway and Fall Fashion

Here are some fantastic photos taken by the amazing Rebecca LaGuire

Glam Cloud is a one of a kind clothing label committed to making unique clothing with a conscience. Glam Cloud is available at the Pretty Parlor Monster Reconstructed Clothing Blush Boutique Frock Shop and Nicole Rae Styer Boutique I'm always looking for new stockists so for consigning information Please contact Angelica at

Monday, September 17, 2012

More Monster

Behind the scenes, my serger hard at work...
Sweater chevron dress
Gold and charcoal sweater dolman tunic
Let's Disco, chevron tunic
Black and white heart mini dress
Stripes! V Neck with spider sleeves
Taupe dolman tunic with stripes
Charcoal sweater with spider chevron dress

All these pieces and more are on sale at Monster in Ballard! Check it out....

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nicole Rae Styer Boutique

These pieces and more are arriving in Philadelphia today!
Stars and stripes
Polka dots and pieces sleeve V neck
Stripes and splatter chevron tunic
Soft red sweater tunic with cap accent black sleeves
Faux wrap stripe dress with cream lace cap accent sleeves
I (dark) heart cleavage tunic with metallic cap sleeve accents

I'm extremely excited to be featured at Nicole Rae Styer Boutique in Philadelphia if you have friends in Philly tell them to check it out :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Couture and Fall

Here are a few pieces from a special line available only at the Pretty Parlor, and some great new fall pieces:
I love this dress, making it was the best part of my day yesterday :)
Pretty black linen dress with cream lace
A new V Neck pattern, I've been wanting to play about with sleeves, I think it turned out fantastic!
Fall Chevron tunic, a made a few with a longer skirt.
Splatter Chevron tunic, this fabric feels really nice, soft, and light. The middle V is a pretty metallic fabric.