Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Fabric Drawers

Every week is a new adventure in dress making. I'm still taking things apart, and making them into new dresses
the two dresses on the left came from the one on the right that I made last year. I think the new dresses have the same feeling of adventure as the original but maintain more of a classic feel.

I made two of these, they were re made from a couple skirts. I call them "Little Cats on the Prairie"

This lovely cupcake dress was made with some fabric pieces I saved from a few other dresses. The black fabric is a fun mole skin.
I love this camera fabric, I was delighted to find enough of it to make this dress.
Then this monster dress, was made with the fabric left from a few mod dresses that I had made.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sassafras is Great!

I get to know, visit, and talk to  lots of wonderful shop owners. One of these shop owners is Amy Tipton. Her shop is called Sassafras and it's located in Belltown Seattle. Her shop is dedicated to selling and promoting local and small designers.  Sassafras is filled with  wonderful and creative pieces by wonderful and creative local artists and artisans. Sassafras also has a space below where many of the designers work and create. So the piece you purchase may have just traveled up the stairs :)

I brought some new dresses by last Tuesday and took a few pictures of the delightful pieces on display.

Glitter Sweet! I love these bags. Pretty and durable. Big enough to store your personal stuffs, a tablet or book, but not so big that it'll weigh you down. 

Lovely and rustic leather purses and bags are what Moo Young makes, I got to meet her when I was there too, we had a great conversation about supporting and being involved in the local art community. It's super inspiring to get to meet others who want to make Seattle unique and beautiful.

So many great clothing designers are featured at Sassafras. Its a great place to pick up that dress for a wedding you might be going to this summer, or just your favorite T shirt.

Owl dress by me Glam Cloud :)

Sassafras also has so many great jewelry designers and some of the cutest and funniest cards ever. A fantastic location for special gifts.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Welcome Summer!

It was a nice warm week here in Seattle. The beautiful sunny days made me think about what I'm going to want to wear this summer. Fun easy breezy dresses are the best way to bask in the glory of the sun.

Nautical fashion never seams to go out of style, and why should it! How can we not always love the lure of the Sea. I've made this dress in 2 sizes and it's a new take on one of my favorite patterns, I'm going to see about taking these along with a few others to Sassafras this coming week.

I love this Japanese floral fabric with little pandas hidden in it. I'm a fan of yellow, and I've always wanted to make a yellow dress for myself, but my coloring doesn't agree with the idea. So keeping the yellow away from my face is how I'm going to compromise ;)

I've been re claiming some of my own dresses this week, and I'm having a great time pairing the bits of fabric that I have with other fabrics that I can find.  This dress is available on my Etsy site

One of my favorite stores to make dresses for is Monster in Ballard,
I get to make the most colorful and creative dresses of my dreams for the costumers there.

I made a size run of a different dress style with these cute little foxes, and I had a bit of fabric left over so I got to make this lovely foxy dress. I think she will go to Sassafras too :)