Friday, March 7, 2014

Day Dress

I love dresses. I love wearing them, and making them, for myself and for You! A dress can be the most comfortable and simple thing to wear, you don't have to worry about if everything goes together. All you need is a pair of cute shoes.  Also with a full skirted dress, you can eat a big burrito and not have to unbutton your top pants button ;)
Here's my most recent dress. I call it "the activities of mice" I will wear this dress to work, on dates, and perhaps even just to have coffee with a friend. So I started using the term "day dress" cute enough to be dressed up but casual enough to not feel out of place.

I've  gotten to make some special dresses for special costumers and discovered how much I love to work with them and make it just right :)
These are a few of my favorites! It's great fun to pick out unique prints that stand out and put them with simple more classic fabrics. Some people need a little help finding that perfect fabric, and some find just what they want on their own.

Here is myself and my friend Jasmine (in her special order) Another great part of making a dress just for you is that I find that some people are between sizes, for Jasmine I did the bodice of one size and the skirt of another to get just the right fit, She also wanted longer pockets :)
The dress I'm wearing is a cat print that I love to wear everywhere! I'm a huge fan of animals that look like print shapes from a distance.

If your looking for a great dress for lots of occasions feel free to email me with inquiries

another great thing about special orders is that you can pick out any fabric or even have something special printed at spoon flower

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