Monday, July 14, 2014

Kitsch and Cute

I like kitsch! It's my favorite, I love it when my clothing has some sort of hidden meaning. The best dress is pretty but also has some little thing about it that makes people stop and think "oh wow that has a ______ on it, how cool!"

ET dress! I made this out of sheets. I have two of them and one is going up on my etsy site this week.

This is perhaps one of the cutest and prettiest dresses I've ever made, I love the kitty fabric so much, and how can you go wrong with cupcakes. This dress is up and for sale on my etsy shop

Excuse me? I mustache you a question. I got that name from my Cousins wife who is a teacher :)

This is one of the many dresses that I made for myself for my birthday last month

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