Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pretty Parlor Photo Fun

I got to have fun playing with the lovely goods at the Pretty Parlor, lots of local designers, and all carefully curated by Anna Banana!
here is a fantastic little black dress by famed Seattle designer J Von Stratton paired with a super flattering wardrobe enhancing black cardigan from Unique Vintage.
A black and white palette, another J Von Stratton halter dress, (amazing black and white stripes) with a vintage fur stole and a vintage necklace. One of my own pieces in the middle, I love the type writer fabric, this dress is called Nostalgia Overload, its paired with an amazing bolero from Trashy Diva (it fits so amazing and has beautiful beading on the collar and cuffs) The last dress is from Frankie Four, one of her signature cowl dresses (they are ultra flattering and comfy) accompanied by black kitty hat, vintage leather belt, and vintage white gloves.

Everyone loves this label! Stop Staring!!! Blue and black plaid with pretty bodice and full skirt, the sort of dress you could holiday up if you wanted or wear anytime, paired with one of the new rose necklace Anna picked out for the Parlor, she has lots of colors too :)

And she got lots of rose rings too, the silhouettes in the back are pins, made by the most adorable indie artist from San Francisco, she makes them out of book covers.
Going to a Gatsby party? The Parlor has you covered. White fringe dress by Trashy Diva, headband by local jewelry designer Jessie Beans, and you can even get a wig! Styled and selected by Atomic Bombshell Ruby Mimosa. She has lots of burlesque goodies at the Parlor.
I'm making skirts! With wide yokes and pockets, This Glam Cloud kitty skirt is styled with a pretty beaded cardigan, a fun fluffy slip, (it's tank on top, tutu on the bottom) a magical unicorn necklace, and a Burlesque Boutique flower.
A little close up collage of the prettyness.

All this and more available at the Pretty Parlor!
Local desigers: Frankie Four Jessie Beans J Von Stratton and Glam Cloud! I'm curating my etsy store right now, stay tuned :)

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